EACO Membership

Is open to anyone who subscribes to its aspirations, ideals, and objectives. However, within this open membership, there are different levels of involvement and benefits:

  • Technically, individuals who were born in East African Countries and their offspring can be members after the payment of the membership fees and mandatory yearly subscriptions to maintain their membership and legal good standing in the organization.
  • This status includes those who were not born in East Africa, but are married to individuals from East African Countries.
  • Anyone who do not fall into the above category can be a member with all membership rights and benefits, but may not hold executive office or head a permanent or an ad hoc committee. They will, however, enjoy the same benefits as the rest of members.

Membership Fees

EACO annual membership fee is $75.00 for singles and $120.00 for couples.

Benefits of Membership

  • Members of EACO enjoy voting rights during the election and in policy decision meetings.

  • Members get reduced rates during the yearly June dinner dance fundraisers.

  • They are eligible to receive development funds from EACO in support of any development project in their countries of origin or in the communities of their current residence.

  • EACO members are eligible for nomination to represent the organization in diaspora leadership of any of the East African countries.

  • Members who attain outstanding achievement in education or community development receive the prestigious East African Certificate of Excellence during the dinner dance fundraiser.

  • Among other benefits, members get voluntary support from the organization in matters concerning unexpected or unavoidable misfortunes in the form of material, monetary, spiritual, and emotional support.

  • Members are eligible for free Kiswahili lessons through the organization. To receive free Kiswahili classes, individuals or their parents if below age 16 must be paid EACO members.

Please direct any membership inquiries to:
East African Community Organization, Inc.
Albany, NY 12205.
Tel: 518-229-1665
Email: info@eastafricaco.org

You can also fill out the contact us form to reach us. We look forward to hear from you.