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9th EACO Fundraiser Gala

Since 2006, EACO, Inc. has been holding it's annual galas where people of various walks of life come to display their culture and take the opportunity to network. The annual gala includes cultural awareness, poetry, music, talent show, catwalk fashion, traditional dances, networking with the ultimate goal being fundraising. During this gala dignitaries from the …
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Kiswahili Tutorials

Kiswahili is becoming a common language all over the world. EACO, Inc. is leading the way by providing Kiswahili tutorials in Capital Region. EACO, Inc. mainly utilizes volunteer teachers in which EACO is very thankful but we need funding to rent classroom space as more students seek to learn Kiswahili. So far we have managed …
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Sponsoring University Students

Since 2013, during our annual dinner fundraising galas, EACO,Inc. has given out scholarships of between $250 to $500 to high school graduates heading to institutions of higher learning. Though small, these scholarships have helped students in the purchase of text books and other scholarstic material as they settle into their first semester of college. Sponsoring …
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Providing Clean Water

Lack of clean water hampers many parts of Africa. EACO, Inc. has initiated various projects in Africa to drill water and bring water to affected regions. The benefit of clean water is the control and eradication of water borne diseases which is still prevalent in low come regions in Africa. Through generous donations from people …
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Student Exchange

The Kakumba family hosted teachers from Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania affiliated with St. Rose student exchange program. Various members of EACO, Inc. contributed text books, educational, and teaching materials.

EACO in collaboration with St. Rose

EACO in conjunction with the Saint. Rose College organized an education tour to the New York State education department. This marked the height of collaboration between the two parties.  The cooperation targeted cultural integration program that will ensure that visiting  exchange program teachers to United State of America find way of survival while in the …
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Glory Junior Academy

Glory Junior Academy Glory Junior Academy is STEM international school project based in Kiambungu, Kenya which was officially opened in August 2012. EACO, Inc. assisted in building classrooms. Majority of  the students come from low income families where parents cannot afford key necessities to provide quality education. Apart from education the school provides balanced meals, …
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