Sponsoring University Students

east african community organisation

Since 2013, during our annual dinner fundraising galas, EACO,Inc. has given out scholarships of between $250 to $500 to high school graduates heading to institutions of higher learning. Though small, these scholarships have helped students in the purchase of text books and other scholarstic material as they settle into their first semester of college. Sponsoring students requires more financial resources. Your generous support will fulfill the educational dreams of students awaiting sponsorship.


Saoddah Cain

Graduated from Albany High school. Enrolled at Hudson valley community college.

Shartim Robinson

Graduated from Hudson Valley Community College enrolling at Hudson Valley Community College.

Mr. Lexus Newell

Graduated from Troy High school. Enrolled at Hudson valley community college.

Mr. Christopher Colon

Graduated from Troy High School. Enrolled at Hudson Valley Community College.

Mr Jordan Thomas

Graduated from Green Tech High school. Enrolled at University at Buffalo

Ms. Sabrina Archer

Graduated from Colonie High School. Enrolled at University at Albany

Mr. John Mulinde

Pursuing medicine at the University of Dominica. Currently at Ross University School of Medicine in Tennessee.

Ms Aline Uwase

Graduated from Bishop Maginn High School. Enrolled at Maria College School of Nursing

Ms Junique- Higgins Gabriel

Graduated from Albany High School.