Agenda – Saturday September 21


  • Registration
  • Breakfast and Networking

9:45am: Opening Keynote

10 – 4:30**: Workshops/Informational Sessions


10:00am: Introduction to Swahili

This informational session is meant for the curious and those interested in the Swahili language study. The overview presentation is best described as a pre-learning experience. The session material will cover correct pronunciation and the syllable stress pattern as well as grammatical structure. This includes verbs, nouns, pronominal prefixes, verbal construction, and sentence building. Additionally, we will touch on unusual and “irregularities” patterns will be noted. The session will conclude with a bit of sentence building and reading. “Kitabu kimoja kikubwa kimeanguka kutoka meza.”

Format: Expert speaker | Audience: New to Swahili | Presenter: Mr. Matthew Lindroth – US born Swahili speaker for 52 years

10:00am: Pressure of African Parents

Many rules, high expectations for success, limited social life? We’ve been there – and we want to talk to you about it. We’ll share how we navigated African parents in America. This panel is ideal for pre-teen, high school and early college students. They’ll hear from young adults on the other side of teenage life.

Format: Panel | Ms. Chantal Kamya | Audience: Pre-teen & Teenagers

10:45am: Beauty & Brains

From body shape, complexion, and hair texture – sometimes it can be hard to keep up with exactly what is “beautiful” as a young woman of color. You’re navigating all of this while you trying to excel at school and within your career. In this panel you’ll hear from women who’ve navigated beauty standards and excelled professionally (STEM).

Format: Panel | Ms.Miriam Kamya | Audience: Teen & Young Adult Women


11:30am: Career Panel for Young Adults

Do you know what you want to do with your career? In this panel you’ll hear from people in a diversity of careers (including those outside of the ones you may be familiar with!) to open your mind about options that can be lucrative and match your interests.

Format: Panel | Dr. Jacqueline Busingye; Ms. Chantal Kamya; Miriam Kamya | Audience: Parents & Students

11:30: Technology and Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being applied in most industry sectors ranging from agriculture, health to aerospace and across functional areas, from strategy to support. Increasingly, countries in varying stages of economic advancement are making plans to apply AI too. In this panel you’ll hear about how AI is improving social and economic conditions in East Africa.

Format: Panel | Audience: Everyone

1:30pm: Health is your Wealth: Regular medical check-ups and your General Health

In this session you will hear from a health expert on the importance of regular health check-ups (annual physical, blood tests, eye exams, etc.). Early detection and treatment are key to healthy living. Early treatment of major illnesses is most effective with early diagnosis.

Format: Expert Speaker – Dr. Jacqueline Busingye; | Audience: All

2:15pm: Conserving Africa’s Natural Resources and the Role of the African People as Custodians

With increasing calls to protect Africa’s iconic natural heritage from the developed world – wilderness, wildlife, and other natural resources – there are some who are rightly questioning the methods and the beneficiaries of different conservation initiatives, especially as it relates to the role of local people. In this forum, individuals will hear about how the face of African wildlife conservation is changing in countries like Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania, both in positive and negative ways. From human-wildlife conflict mitigation to the role of multinational institutions, the key takeaway will be the idea that when people’s needs are met first, Africa’s amazing biodiversity will naturally be restored and subsequently safeguarded, providing income and sustainable benefits for present and future generations of people who call the continent home. African people, above all else, are the key to the protecting Africa’s natural heritage.

Format: Expert Researcher Michael Schwartz, Wildlife Conservationist and journalist | Audience: 18 or over Mr. Mike Schwartz, is also an African studies graduate student who has spent a great deal of time listening and learning from local people in Uganda and other countries in Africa. It is his belief that the African people, above all else, are the key to the protecting Africa’s natural heritage.

3:00pm: Investments & Planning for Retirement

How are you planning for your retirement? Far too many of us reach retirement age unable to enjoy the fruits of our labor over the years – because we didn’t know we needed to plan or invest well. Are you taking advantage of your job’s 401k, and if you work in state government are you taking advantage of deferred compensation? Learn how to plan for your retirement in the U.S. Every dollar counts.

Format: Roundtable | Panel Audience: 14 or Over 3:00pm: Planning for College – The importance of early preparation and planning in the college application process.
This session will review how “fitting in” rather than “getting in” is key to finding the sweet spot in the college preparation process that will ensure a student’s satisfying and fulfilling college experience. The session will discuss why and how students should be encouraged to take a lead in their college planning process by making difficult decisions and accepting the consequences of their decisions. As a result, students gain not only self-understanding but also an understanding of how life works.

Format: Expert Speaker | Panel Audience: 14 and over

Emily Obuya, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Chemistry, Russell Sage College

** Session times are tentative and subject to ch